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Family to Family

Rea Funeral Chapel is a family-owned and operated business offering a caring, responsive, and professional staff. Our business is operated by experienced and knowledgeable funeral professionals that are ready to help.

Whatever your needs may be, let Rea Funeral Chapel provide you with reliable funeral services during this critical time. We have funeral directors available 24/7 for all questions and concerns.


Here at Rea Funeral Chapel, we know that decisions must sometimes be made when we least expect them. By prearranging your funeral, you make the decisions that are difficult for your family members to make after your death.

Our prearrangement staff will take the time to go over all the different options available to you.  They will answer your questions so you can make a sound decision regarding your family’s future. Contact us today for more information.

Duty. Honor. Country.

Rea Funeral Chapel is proud to do our part in honoring our country’s veterans and giving back to those whose sacrifice and patriotism define our great nation. Our duty is to provide you and your family with professional and dignified assistance during your time of need and to support you in honoring your loved one for their dedication and selfless service.

We would be honored to help you make arrangements for any combination of traditional military tributes.

Advance Funeral Planning

Pre-Planning our own funeral services is a way to take control of what will happen to us after we pass from this life.  We are going to pass away someday and someone is going to have to make our final arrangements .  It is best not to burden our family with those decisions while they are dealing with the pain of our passing.

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