David Allen

David T. Allen, 57, of Sedalia, died September 3, 2014 in Sedalia Missouri.

He was born May 30, 1957 in Wichita, KS with Down’s Syndrome, a son of Pat and Jean N. Allen. David attended a number of schools for persons with developmental disabilities where ever his family lived. At the age of 18, he started work at the Ewing Sheltered Workshop in Sedalia, from which he retired after nearly 30 years at work. David entered the Sedalia Center for Human Services’ residential housing program in their first group home and progressed through all levels of independent living, including having his own apartment with assistance, until his health dictated that he move to a residential care facility, and then a nursing home.
David was active in the Special Olympics and a variety of local social activities for the handicapped. He loved to swim, camp, go boating, travel in an RV, and generally try to do anything his siblings did. He was typically a loving, happy, gregarious individual with a penchant for teasing others.

David was preceded in death by his mother in September 2010 and his father in March 2013.

David is survived by his sister Connie Allen of New York City, and three brothers, Frank P Allen III of Houston, TX, Steve Allen of Arlington, VA, and Jeff Allen of Hawi, HI.

Donations to the Center for Human Services are suggested in lieu of flowers.


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